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getting the (broad) band back together

First, I join New DayJob, Inc. Then, David from former DayJob, Inc., starts working here last week. Now, John from former DayJob, Inc., is in for an interview. Could Broadstreet be reshaping under the guise of the New DayJob, Inc.?

Just got back from a roadtrip out to Minnesota for Brett and Jenny’s wedding. Lovely little service, held at a park in Plymouth, MN. Guess what – the park has a lake. In Minnesota! What are the odds? I can see why Marnie wanted me to come out there – couple central! Even though most of us were between the ages of 28 and 34, it seemed like 95% of the other folks were married, married with kids, or about to be married with kids. Marn needed somebody bitter and single to talk to.

Noticed something – not a whole lot of divorced folks there. Hard to get a group of 200+ folks around and not run into at least a couple of divorced people. No divorces = not a lot of bitterness.

Sights, with grades, seen on this latest roadtrip – Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio (A+), Madison, WI (A), Wisconsin Dells (B+), Rochester, MN (C+), Mississippi River Valley near LaCrosse, WI (A), Taliesin (A), Oak Park, IL (A), Chicago motorcycle gangs (F-), Kentuck Knob (incomplete..again.)

Kentuck Knob – one day I’ll see that damned house. Supposed to be better than Fallingwater. Been to see it three times, and each time, it’s closed tighter than a conservative Republican’s mind.

Chicago motorcycle gangs – I am so not a big fan of guys whizzing by me in little rice burners at mach speed on I-94, weaving in, out and through traffic. I damned near clipped a couple of them, and only one would have been on purpose.

– me


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