Baltimoron in DC
When You Get Caught Between Charm City and Chocolate City

Team on the Run…team on the run…

Count me amongst the diehard Baltimore Oriole fans who rather like the idea of the Washington Nationals being placed 30 miles from Camden Yards. I think baseball needs to be in DC – Nation’s Capital, National Pastime. If I was running the marketing of the team, they would have numeous product tie-ins already.

– Nations Bank. Get your Nationals’ credit card, Nationals checks! You’ll need it, to afford the expensive tickets!

– National Bohemian – If the Nats could bring back Bo Jackson, would he be the origina Natty Bo?

– National Treasure – Official Overblown Jerry Bruckheimer Film of the Washington Nationals!

But, despite baseball’s billions, there’s a bad guy in this story. Bad girl, at the least. Linda Cropp is attempting to block the stadium deal by demanding more $$$ from MLB…after already agreeing in principle that the deal was good enough two weeks ago.

What has changed in two weeks? Did Linda lose a sweetheart kickback pending the outcome of the Ukrainian election? Did she take the under in the Colts/Bengals game?

Linda Cropp, if successful, will go down as Peter Angelos’ best friend. Ever.

More than the guy who introduced him to his wife. More than the guy who said “Hey Pete, there’s a few bucks to be made in this asbestos thing.” Even more than the fella who said “You know, Peter, we might want you to look at this tobacco lawsuit.”

Linda and Peter, sitting in a tree…

– me


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