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Austin Rocks and Rolls

Came down to Texas’ capital city to see me some rock and roll. Have only seen a bunch of power pop so far, but hey…week ain’t over.

Have seen Kevin Hearn and the Thin Buckle (he’s the dude from Barenaked Ladies) and hung out with him until the wee hours. Saw Duncan Shiek, and gave him crap for fookin’ up Oasis lyrics. He’s short. Nice as hell, though. Saw the Ocean Blue. They’re still good, still slightly aloof. That was day one.

Yesterday was The Marbles (a.k.a. Apples in Stereo guy Robert Schnieder) and he’s funny. Hung out in line with Of Montreal (they’re so much younger than I expected) and talked about the aforementioned Robert with them. Saw the Trashcan Sinatras at point-blank range. Had a beer (or two) with them. Saw Clem Snide, who do a good combo of and alt.rock, and I saw The Dears, a Canadian band who have a lot of buzz and a great sound.

But was frickin’ blown away by Apollo Sunshine. Four guys from Boston, multi-instrumentalists, swap musical styles like Oprah swaps clothing sizes, and they completely rocked the house. Lots of hipsters were there to see Clem; couldn’t believe Apollo Sunshine. I talked to the lead singer en route to the pissers. Told him that was the best set I’d see so far, and he was actually geniunely touched, saying “But there are so many other great bands here, that means a lot. Thanks!”


Not only do they rock, but they get *it* – and that’s something else.

– me


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