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Sad day in DC broadcasting

The Don and Mike Show has been an institution here in DC for years, and they’ve gone from being a local morning show to a nationally-syndicated afternoon show. Last night, Don’s wife Freda was killed in a car accident on MD Route 90 outside of Ocean City. She was a fixture on the show for a number of years, and this is a heck of a shock to those of us who worked in the industry here.

Also, longtime Don and Mike news guy David Haines, recently of WPGC’s morning show, passed away as well, his demise due to a number of illnesses, mostly cancer, he’s been dealing with the past few years.

Man…what a sad day. I can only imagine how the whole Sorce family is doing. Losing David was a shock enough, but expected; I can’t imagine the pain of losing a wife and mother so quickly like that. I know I’ll be saying some prayers for them all, and hope the rest of us who enjoy their show will do so as well.


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