Baltimoron in DC
When You Get Caught Between Charm City and Chocolate City

The Penile Chronicles, Introduction

Inspired by Edward in Los Angeles, who just had his book “The Male Thing Explained” published, I have decided to write a series of stories about My Male Thing – my penis.

Now, for those of you who have heard, my penis has lived a life of ups and downs; he has been in the hottest clubs, and down and out with only a couple of nutty friends and an asshole neighbor. He has had some interesting tales in his 32 years on this planet. Indeed, a hard knock life – used as a glorified door stop for the first 17 years, only to be shown brief episodes of daylight, only to be bound and gagged with a form of a garbage bag tied around his head, shoved into smelly, dark caves, and forced to do push-ups until throwing up, my penis has a very gripping tale to tell.

So, dear Reader, please view these stories for what they are – A Dick’s Tale. One Cock’s Story. A Percy Who Walks Amongst Us. For some, they will be entertaining; for others, a warning. In the end, it will simply be a way for my penis to get some things off his chest, as it were, and hopefully bring a smile to the readers’ collective soul.

Here ends this introduction, and now, on to the tale.


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