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the Secret to Kyle "Footsteps" Boller’s success

It took me danged near three years to figure it out, but, I shall pass on my eagle-eye observation, free of charge, to the Ravens’ coaching staff:

— Let him go up against prevent defenses!!! —

When the Bengals were playing a tight cover/2, m2m or split zone, Footsteps completed 6 passes out of 15 attempts for 37 yards, but two of them were completed to Bengals. He also lost a fumble.

But, after 2 and a half quarters, once the Bengals were up 34-0, and the Bengals went into a prevent defense, Footsteps went 14 of 17, 174 yards, and three touchdowns.

It’s a brilliant strategy! Let the opposing team *THINK* they’ve won, that they’ve sewed up this game, that they can start looking ahead to next week’s opponent, and then we turn Footsteps loose!

Here’s the catch, though – I’m only SLIGHTLY joking.

It’s obvious that this kid is so overcoached right now, he can’t think straight. The coaching staff has put so many voices in this kid’s head that he can’t think straight. Once the pressure is off (read that as : the Ravens are so far behind everything he does from this point on is gravy), he can relax and play.

He’s been in the league three years, but plays like a rookie. I know he’s been hurt, but stop treating him like a rookie and he might start playing like a three-year veteran.


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