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I can’t believe what I just saw

So, it’s pretty obvious from my Myspace page that I am a fan of Lost. I was a little concerned as the first few episodes from this season were fairly mediocre. However…after tonight’s season finale, the writers could devote an episode to reading telephone books in Esperanto. This was, simply, television at its finest.

More twists and turns than L’alpe D’ Huez (Tour De France thing, Google it you lazy bastards. I don’t have time to explain all of my witty references.)

I won’t give anything away as a courtesy to those who haven’t seen it, or are waiting for the Season 3 DVDs to come out, to get caught up. I will say this – The Sopranos *was* the best-written show on TV.

“Lost” used this episode to say “uh, not so fast, HBO.”

In other news…The Milltown Brothers and Power of Dreams have Myspace pages. Two of my favorite Britpop bands from college…wounded, but not forgotten. PoD has disbanded, but Milltown’s still kickin’, and I downloaded their newest album from iTunes. I’ll give it a listen, but I have to use this to point out the absurdity of the label system. Both of these bands had college rock/alt rock hits here in America. Both bands got caught up in label issues, and were regulated to smaller status in the U.K. 15 years later, I can listen to them online, see where and when they’re performing and buy their newest music without one hint of label interference.

Not to get all Agent Smith on your ass, but that ticking you hear in the background, RIAA and your kin spread throughout the planet, is the sound of your impending doom. Record sales in `07 are off 20% from last year’s dismal sales figures.

Evolve into promotion, not distribution companies, if you want to live.

(Heh, that was kinda Terminator 2-ish there…had to spell out that witty pop culture reference.)


3 Responses to “I can’t believe what I just saw”

  1. Don’t post stuff like this when I haven’t caught up!!! AAGGG Spoilers! (I Think – I had to divert my eyes quickly!)

  2. There are no spoilers, you drama queen.

  3. Yeah Lost was good that time.

    But they all died JL


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