Baltimoron in DC
When You Get Caught Between Charm City and Chocolate City

I don’t often cuss on my blog, but…

Fuck the Patriots. Fuck the paid-off refs who friggin’ smoked ground-up moon rocks to see the phantom penalties they called on the Ravens in the 4th quarter tonight.

Fuck the Patriot fans who don’t have a single piece of clothing that features the old-school kick-ass Pat the Patriot logo, and instead look like some failed NHL expansion team.

Fuck Belicheat and his hoodie. Looks like he should be moping around on It’s 2007; do we need an emo coach? I vote no.

Fuck Tony Kornheiser…while I love his writing, and think he’s a fine person, I can’t stand him on MNF. His voice makes me yearn for the masculinity that is Bryan Gumble.

Fuck Billick – his complete lack of discipline on that team is so evident; why he can’t see it clearly bothers me. Evidently he needs to work on that aspect of the game.

(y’all didn’t know I could speak “Billick” did ya?)

Fuck Baltimore…for making me believe the upset was theirs.


One Response to “I don’t often cuss on my blog, but…”

  1. Fuck! Now its up to the 0-12 Dol-Stanks to stop the STOOOPID Patriots. Shula would be rolling in his grave – if he was in it that is…. (Damm the birds who gave me false hope also.)

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