Baltimoron in DC
When You Get Caught Between Charm City and Chocolate City

Baltimoron in D.C.

This is the logical off-shoot of my Blogger site, OBPOPCULTREF. That site was initially started to track weird OBscure POP CULTure REFerences, but quickly became a lame attempt at a book deal or writing gig. Damn you Jessica Cutler for letting me dream.

Since that went over about as well as shit-flavored ice cream (the girls notwithstanding), I will try to be more diligent with that blog’s original purpose.

This blog will consist of a regular ole’ fella from Baltimore (me) looking at D.C. through Natty-Boh colored glasses. I love getting up to the city whenever I can, and while I may live, work, reside and play in Washington, my heart is somewhere between Pratt and Eutaw Streets…hopefully putting a foot up Peter Angelos‘ ass.

The first post here on Baltimoron will detail the trip to Hampden’s Miracle on 34th Street. Good old Christmas Street, USA. It’s almost Christmas, and I hadn’t had my annual pilgrimage to the street the Griswolds could only dream of. I brought my Christmas-obsessed friend Gina up from D.C. along with the Wonder Mutts, Bubby and Kramer. Gina grew up in Jersey where tackiness is a badge of honor, and has lived in D.C. for about three years. For some reason, she has avoided visiting her charming neighbor to the north, and I dragged her out, not-really kicking and screaming. I wouldn’t tell her where we were going, just that we were going.

Once in Hampden, she looked at the delightlfully wacky decorations on neighboring blocks, and laughed. But when she got to 34th Street, she was nearly speechless. Lights across the street, inflatable carosels of Christmas characters, the Grinch, trees, candy canes, crabs, and more Santas than a California road map. For a good 30 minutes, Gina wasn’t hungover, stressed out from work, or neck-deep in mortgage debt. She was a kid again, taking in the spectacle of thousands of tiny lights.

I realized something, just how special something as simple as Christmas lights can be. You should have seen the people walking the streets – all different races, economic groups, even religions – all staring at the glory of Jesus, Santa and an inflatable Homer Simpson.


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