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Interesting Quiz from the Post

I took a shot at the quiz for which candidate best suits our personal beliefs. The Post hid the candidates’ faces, but left their words. I took the quiz to see which words best suit my beliefs.

I took both the Democratic and the Republican tests, and was slightly surprised by my outcome. I am a big fan of Barack Obama’s speeches – he seems to concentrate on the positives without sugar-coating it or dumbing it down. So, when I found that I agreed with him for 21 points, with Bill Richardson and John Edwards in second and third, that sounded about right.

What stunned me on the Republican side – apparently I’m a Paultard. Ron Paul got 20 points, Rudy Giuliani had 17 and Huckabee, Romney and Thompson each had 10. I tended to agree with Paul on the war and energy independence.

So, an Obama/Paul ticket would make my day? Go figure.


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