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Don’t Park Here on Game Day

The Hyatt at the Inner Harbor might be the worst parking garage I’ve ever been to…and considering I’ve been in a parking garage in Las Vegas that was scheduled for demolition due to decomposing concrete and instability, that’s saying something.

Why was the Hyatt’s parking lot so bad? Well, let’s see – after yet-another sold out game at M&T Bank Stadium, this place charges $27 for parking (even though the place next door, the Sheraton, is closer and charges $25) and they had ONE operating gate for the entire 8 or so story garage. And, that gate was operated by a woman who spoke little-to-no English, making checkout that much more difficult.

It took an hour to get from the Sixth Floor to the first. Once at the first floor, a hotel employee mentioned the other exit and pointed us that way. Which…would have been a lot better if we’d been told about that 58 minutes earlier, plus everybody else in line.

Once at the second gate that opens to Light Street, there was nobody there to let us out. We were still trapped in this garage for another ten minutes, while multiple hotel employees walked by, and saw our situation. The guy who originally saw us and waved us to the second exit didn’t ask where the gate operator was, just “did you pay yet?”

That, my friends, is service.

Bite me, Hyatt.


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